Monday, March 31, 2008


Hi Bob, on behalf of Mark Robinson and myself we would like to thank you for all your help in getting us off and running this past season. By all accounts we had a very successful first year and it has generated alot of interest for next season.

Again we thank you.
Rob Leonard

The first ever Joe Tomatoes Futsal League Champion was crowned on Thursday night at WHSS. The final night was just as exciting as the first night. Thank you to everyone for an incredible first season. Congratulations to :Richard Parsons from Hotspur for being selected the League MVP by his fellow participants.

Gold Round Final

Gunners 4 Aaron Illman, Mark Turner, Rob Blundell, Brad Fritz
Wanderers 2 Tristan Leming 2

Gunners win the best of 3 series 2-0
Gunners Rob Blundell was named playoff MVP
Bronze Final- Game 2

Hotspur 10 Scott Lisi 4, Richard Parsons 4, Blair Weinberger 2
Red Devils 8 Willam Both 3, Julian Freisdorf 3, Ryan McManaman, Taylor Surridge
(series tied 1-1)

Game 3

Red Devils 4 Ryan McManaman, Greg Klages, Taylor Surridge, Willam Both
Hotspur 3 Richard Parsons 3

Red Devils win the Bronze Final 2-1